longarm quilting

I Finished!! Yay!

I got my quilt finished in time to enter the Circle Lord challenge.  I’m going to have to enlist some help from my two guys to get photos to submit.  It’s too large to lay out anywhere, and get a full shot.  So, when I have some good light coming into the living room, they are going to have to hold it up for me.  I’m going to leave the zippers attached, and later, when things have slowed back down around here some, I will zip it back onto the machine, to stitch the binding onto the front.  Now that I have learned to do that, I like it so much better than wrestling a quilt this large while stitching it on with my sewing machine.  I haven’t even made the binding yet.  That can wait.  I’m tired of this one for now…lol.

After I get my quilting room straightened back up, the machine and table cleaned, I’ve got some really neat customer quilts lined up to get started on, so stay tuned…more quilting to come! Happy Valentine’s day! 🙂