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Sunday Reporting…What Was I Thinking??

When I said to myself, “crosshatching would probably look good on both the 9P blocks and the stripe blocks, why didn’t myself say back to me, “Well yea, it will look good, but it’s going to take you at least half the rest of your life!  Are you nuts?”  And that is assuming that I still have quite awhile left to live.




Are you thinking that’s not so bad? Well, between loading this puppy on the machine,  the SID stabilizing, and the crosshatching, this is as far as I have gotten on it.  And this took me 7 hours.  I’m kind of slow.  And I intend to use stencils and feathers in all that other space you see.  And this is how much is left.


It’s 110″ square.  Yep, gonna take me awhile.  This will be the Wednesday WIP project for quite awhile.  OMGosh! What was I thinking?!

On the upside, though…this one is MINE!!  And all the fabric in it is from my stash.  However, it doesn’t change my numbers this week, as I’ve already accounted for it, in previous reports.

20 thoughts on “Sunday Reporting…What Was I Thinking??

  1. But isn’t that the reason we buy longarms?! So we can do things like this?!!! Still much much much faster than handquilting 😉


  2. Oh, it’s going to look fantastic when you get it all finished. Can’t wait to see the Wednesday’s WIP reports! 🙂


  3. I have been looking for an idea for quilting nine patches..but I’m not good at LINES yet, so this one is out for me! lolol out comes the sketch book….Love to see your works in progress!


  4. Listen to me, never ever plan to do miles and miles of straight line quilting. It is for the insane! I know this and now you do too. Looks good though doesn’t it? LOLS


  5. I love this quilt and I love crosshatching. I bet you’ll be thrilled with it when you are all done and think “this was so worth the time and energy” (or would that be ‘worth the blood, sweat and tears’ ? ;o) ).


  6. I think, even though you started it under false pretense’s, where the evil side of you knew what you were getting into and didn’t tell the innocent side!! It’s going to be beautiful!! It already is!! You are doing a beautiful job of cross-hatching and when it’s all done (drink lots of specialty coffe’s – make this a special time!! 😉 ) it’s is going to so worth it in the end!! I love it!!


  7. It’s beautiful and will be worth every minute! My philosophy is: I’m doing this because I like to do it, not because I want to get it done. It’ll be a treasure!


  8. I’m late chiming in here, but it is going to be just fantastic and worth every long hour you put in on it. The crosshatching is perfect for the quilt and you are doing a fabulous job with it! Hang in there.


  9. Hi Randi,

    Thanks for the encouraging words on my doodling. I am still learning to doodle with a longarm effect. Hopefully, in a few years after I get my 830, I will be able to afford a longarm… hahaha.

    Your quilt is looking so good! I can’t wait to see the addition of the feathers – it’s going to be fabulous.

    Have a great night.



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