Yummy Delicious Dinner

I made this pork tenderloin crockpot recipe for dinner tonight.  Big hit!  It’s from Stephanie’s a Year of Crockpotting blog.  It’s a really cool blog with some good looking recipes, and full of tips from Stephanie.  I just recently learned about it, and it is definitely in my favorites now.

And while I’m giving blog shout outs…I’ve meant to mention this one for awhile.  Im sure that most of you that read my blog are already familiar with Vicki’s Field Trips in Fiber, but for those that might not be…check her out! Her blog is full of all kinds of neat stuff…from her beautiful quilting, to her hand dyed fabrics and t’shirts, to bird watching photos.  Also, she takes the time and effort to compile weekly lists of cool, pretty things she has found on other blogs, for her readers to go see, also.  You will surely be in for a treat when you visit her blog, Field Trips in Fiber.

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