Current Conditions

Taken in my backyard.



This pic is taken looking over my back fence.  I should be able to see a city water tower, and the football stadium, several buildings and houses beyond this field, that separates my neighborhood from the rest of town.  Can’t see any of them.



My poor tulips.  I did not go into the office today.  They are announcing on the radio that the courthouse will have limited availability today, and the sheriff is saying please stay home if you can.

7 thoughts on “Current Conditions

  1. Randi – We are in the same boat here in Kansas. The snow is coming down and the wind is blowing like crazy. Yet it is so beautiful to watch. Our area is expencting up to 8″, which is half of what you are expecting. I’m glad you were able to stay safe at home.


  2. I live in Michigan and we get lots of snow. I don’t have any snow here, but then I don’t have any tulips either because it hasn’t been warm enough yet. I hope we don’t get that snow! ICK!


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