Day: March 27, 2009

Oh Yes, It Really Does Snow in Texas! :-)


My snow plow!



This one does NOT like it AT ALL!


No, I didn’t fall down, I just had the camera at a weird angle…lol.


I’ve been out a couple of times to fill up the bird feeders and it’s been quite a popular hangout for the neighborhood birds today.  I’ll be posting some pics of them over the next few days.

Also, I want to thank everyone for their prayers and thoughts, good wishes and advice offered about Greg’s upcoming ankle surgery! We appreciate it greatly!!

Current Conditions

Taken in my backyard.



This pic is taken looking over my back fence.  I should be able to see a city water tower, and the football stadium, several buildings and houses beyond this field, that separates my neighborhood from the rest of town.  Can’t see any of them.



My poor tulips.  I did not go into the office today.  They are announcing on the radio that the courthouse will have limited availability today, and the sheriff is saying please stay home if you can.