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Waiting on the snow!

We are supposed to be hit with a blizzard, tonight til Saturday morning.  They have predicted as much as 17″ for my area.  We shall see!  The winds are supposed to blow something fierce, and it’s possible we could have power outages, so if I “disappear”, I prolly just don’t have electricity!

5 thoughts on “Waiting on the snow!

  1. What? Has anyone told the weather man that you’re in Texas??? My daughter is in Tulsa and they’re supposed to have 4″ Friday night and Saturday and it’s supposed to be 62 degrees on Sunday?

    Enjoy the excuse to stay home!!!


  2. Your in Texas………I wouldn’t expect a blizzard this time of year………we had snow here yesterday but its expected in the North…………what do they say about March…….in like a lamb, out like a lion!!!! Usually when I have a blizzard, I stay home and quilt…….I hope you get to do that too.

    Karen L


  3. wow I didn’t think Texas would get snow in March, we still have more than enough and their calling for an overnight low of -22C…..when is spring planning to show up??


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