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Plugging Along, and along, and along…

10 thoughts on “Plugging Along, and along, and along…

  1. Holy granola bar?!!! ROTFL I have to say… stop quilting and go do house work has NEVER crossed my mind… eat chocolate yes 😉 Just think… calorie burner cha cha cha LOL Looks good!!


  2. That’s exactly what I was thinking, “Holy Granola Bar, who wants to do housework????” How about a quilt magazine, a cup of coffee and some nice music? Thanks for the great videos and I LOVE your quilting. So beautiful.


  3. Housework?!? THAT makes my entire head hurt! LOL. Beautiful quilting, Randi. You’ve come such a long way! And I loved hearing your voice…I recognize that Texas accent!


  4. Randi, your voice reminds me of the way I sound on my answering machine. I guess I may have a little of that Texas accent too:)

    I’ve told you before, but I’ll say it again…..your quilting is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.


  5. The quilting may make your neck/shoulders sore, but it sure looks like a lot of fun on that quilt! You’ve done a great job, Randi. The quilting really makes that quilt sing.
    Love hearing your voice… that soft drawl is so nice to hear. : )


  6. What in tarnation? LOL! Reminds me of hearing my mamma talk! I know that this type of quilting takes forever, but it is gorgeous, Randi! I loved being able to see the backside too!


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