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I Got There!

I did get to the end on this one last night.  The pics aren’t the greatest, but it’s so big, and so busy, it’s the best I could get.






Now the waiting begins.  The waiting until my customer comes to get it and I see her reaction.  I think she will love it, she has loved everything I have quilted for her, but will I ever quit being nervous and worrying about this part?  Ever? 

Longarming is a linty job…for sure.  This is what it looks like in the bobbin area, after just one pass.


This is how much thread I used, just on the top of this one.  The cone on the left was brand new, and you can see how much is gone, compared to the new one next to it.  I used a complimentary solid on the bottom, so you can see that this one took a LOT of thread.


This morning I gave my longarm, Corky, a thorough cleaning to get rid of all that lint.  Cleaned the table and table rails, wheels, and gave her a thorough oiling.  Put in a new needle, and she is all ready to go on the next quilt.  This one is going on next.  What nice bright change from the dark fall colors I just finished! Won’t this be fun?  This top belongs to Joanna


And check out this sweet little surprise she had tucked in the box for me!  She tatted this little Christmas wreath.  It’s awesome and I can’t wait to hang it on my tree!  Thank you, Joanna!


Lastly, I wanted to thank everyone for all the sweet comments about BunBun.  I found one final pic that I’d like to share.  This is right after I brought her home.  She thought she found a new mama. 🙂