Tagged! And a blog commenting question.

This tag is definitely different from any I’ve seen before, and kind of a fun idea.  Carla has tagged me to grab the 4th picture, on the 4th month of your blogiversary, and post it on your blog. Tag 4 others to do the same.  So, if I did it correctly, this is the photo.  I was working on my cousin’s cattle brand quilt, and this is one of the pics.

I tag Jan, Deb, Suzanne, and Vicki!

Also, while I’m posting, I think that I may start answering most of my blog comments, on the actual comment page itself.  That way, if there are more than one asking the same question, I can answer all at once.  I’ve done replies both ways, but I always worry that I will reply on the post, and the commentor won’t come back to see it, and think I ignored them.  What is your favorite way to get blog replies? Or to give blog replies? I’d love to hear what you think!