Tagged! And a blog commenting question.

This tag is definitely different from any I’ve seen before, and kind of a fun idea.  Carla has tagged me to grab the 4th picture, on the 4th month of your blogiversary, and post it on your blog. Tag 4 others to do the same.  So, if I did it correctly, this is the photo.  I was working on my cousin’s cattle brand quilt, and this is one of the pics.

I tag Jan, Deb, Suzanne, and Vicki!

Also, while I’m posting, I think that I may start answering most of my blog comments, on the actual comment page itself.  That way, if there are more than one asking the same question, I can answer all at once.  I’ve done replies both ways, but I always worry that I will reply on the post, and the commentor won’t come back to see it, and think I ignored them.  What is your favorite way to get blog replies? Or to give blog replies? I’d love to hear what you think!

7 thoughts on “Tagged! And a blog commenting question.

  1. OY! I’m a date challenged person to begin with LOL!!! I’ll see what I can figure out….. after moving my blog 3 times LOL

    Responses I tend to do on the blog because I like the open conversation feel to it as well as the fact that you only answer it once for everyone. I figure most people who read my blog know that or can tell pretty fast. I also know that some people never answer or respond to their comments at all. So anything you feel comfortable with works for you and it’s your blog…. right?! If it’s something too long or involving several links I shoot an email out of my spam filter will block even me…. that’s just sad isn’t it?!


  2. I’m been asking myself the same question lately. It’s kind of hard for me to go back to all the comment sections of all the blogs I post to to look for replies. That’s why I just shoot an email. Plus it’s super easy because I get an email when I have a comment, and it’s quick to just reply, without even actually coming to my blog. But I know some people respond in the comment section itself. I guess it’s just personal preference.


  3. I always reply in an email to the commenter. Very easy – as long as the commenter has an email address available. I read all my comment in my email so it’s the best way for me. I never have time to read the comments that others have left on people’s blogs – I have enough trouble keeping up with blog posts. If I read comments too I’d never have any time to sew. I know if you replied to a comment of mine the way you are suggesting I’d never see it. Oh well – if others are doing it that way they may think I’ve very rude for not replying. I hope not!


  4. What a difference between this photo and the bright colored one down below! : ) Things all around have changed in quilting….
    You answer however it’s easiest for you, Randi.


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