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Doodles In Thread

I got started on the quilt.  I couldn’t wait til I the morning sunshine was coming in to try to get some pics.

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I also wanted to address a question that Sharon asked me, in my previous post.  She asked if I’d ever thought about making my doodles into a pattern.  I answered her privately, but I wanted to publicly give credit where it’s due.  I told her no, because I don’t feel they are mine to make into a pattern.  Sure I put my own spin on it, but I am only quilting what I’ve learned from watching Nichole Webb & Jamie Wallen’s dvd’s.  They are awesome quilters, and awesome teachers.

One row down…only a gagillion more to go. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Doodles In Thread

  1. Another quilt that is going to be transformed by your quilting. My gosh, the quilting is amazing. Do you have a website for your quilting services?


  2. Wow Anita – your stitching is just amazingly beautiful! Personally, I don’t need to see the finished product – just seeing the stitching gets me all enthusiastic!

    Thanks so very much for this eye candy!


  3. Well, (above) Anita, while my message remains the same, I thought YOUR blog/photos belong to my friend Anita of “The Allens” who also does custom quilting in my area of Nebraska. You gals are so talented!!!


  4. Great thread color choice and it certainly looks like you are having way too much fun… Great job Randi, it is going to be fabulous when you are done….


  5. Beautiful work….where can I get one of their dvd’s………….I’m try to learn on my HQ16…………so far I’m far from perfect….THanks


  6. I saw your “Simply Leaves” in Kim Stotsenberg’s “Just Leaf It”… fell in love with it and wanted to know more…, found your blog … such wonderful quilts and videos!! Can you tell me if you have both of Nicole Webb’s Fantasy Freehand DVDs? Thanks


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