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So What is Up With This?

This morning, when I visited my blog homepage, I was logged out, so I click on the “log in” link in my sidebar.  My Norton internet security pops up with a big red X telling me that this page is blocked for my protection.  If I know the page is safe, I can click on the link “to visit the page anyway”.  So I do, so that I can fill in my log-in info.  Boom, it pops up again.  It will not let me log into my blog from the “log-in” page, no way, no how, no sir.  I can view my blog, but I can’t get logged on as the owner.  So I click on the WordPress.com homepage link, and use the sign in box on it, and voila! I’m in.  What’s the deal?? Anyone have a clue? Norton said something about phishing protection.  Have the evil forces taken over the wordpress log-in page? Or has my Norton gone overprotective psycho all of a sudden?  Sheesh…I hate complications like this.  I’m just glad I’m on for now.

In other news, my son played in one of his summer golf tournaments yesterday, and finally seems to have his mojo back.  He won 1st place with a score of one under par.  Yippee!  Today & tomorrow he plays in another…hoping he does well in it, also.

I have managed this week to squeeze in a bit of quilting in one form or another, every day.  Even if it was just cutting up more scraps into 2.5 inch strips or squares or bricks for my leaders/enders projects.  My disposition has been so much better since I’ve been able to lay my hands on pretty fabric on a regular basis this last couple of weeks.  It really is good medicine for my soul. 

Gotta head off to work.  Hope I’ll be able to stay logged in.  Have a happy Friday!

7 thoughts on “So What is Up With This?

  1. yes, fabric soothes what ail’s us! Here’s to wishing you lots of soothing for this weekend!
    As for your login problem, you got me?????????


  2. Randi, I think it’s something in the “cyber air” these days. LOL My thunderbird e-mail program sent over 100 e-mails to my “junk” folder before I caught it. What did they all have in common? The word “quilt”. ????? ROFLOL


  3. Fabric therapy is healing isn’t it!! I’m in the same boat as Judy, but mine sunk…. I accidentally did something to my spam setting on my email yesterday and deleted all incoming mail for about 6 hours before I woke up and smelled the coffee… doh… I was too busy playing with fabric to notice LOL Go DS!! That’s great news!!! Sounds like mom & son both have their mojo back!! Yippeee!!!!


  4. Sounds like a great performance on the links…. glad your son is enjoying his game again. And I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better, also, Randi. Nice fabric does help; in my case I think I just need more sleep! lol


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