Dodged a Bullet and a Bittersweet Parting

We really dodged a bullet with the weather last night.  We had a tornado warning, and at one point we were hearing that a tornado was headed straight for our town.  So this involved us going ahead and getting in our storm cellar, as we have a 70 lb. labrador that doesn’t do stairs, let alone stairs going into a dark hole in the ground.  She has to be carried down.  My mother is the only reason we even knew we might be in danger, as she saw it on the Amarillo news and called us.  I had just settled in the bathtub for a nice soak.  Anyway, long story short, we did not have a tornado, but there was some hail and high wind damage.  I heard on the radio that there were straightline winds at 78 mph in town.  And we may have a repeat performance tonight. 

I sold my 2000 Ram Air Trans Am a couple of days ago.  That is the bittersweet parting.  I loved that car, but I haven’t driven in about 2 yrs.  So really, it was time to let it go, and quit paying the full coverage insurance, etc.  I will miss her, though.  We had put a Borla exhaust on it, too.  She has that nice, deep rumble.  They don’t make them anymore, and mine only had 24, 442 miles on it, and has been well cared for, so I was able to sell her for a good price, and it’s nice to have that $$ in the bank.  I sold it to a man that has wanted to buy it practically from the time I first got it.  He’ll love her and treat her well. 

I will probably not get a Sunday report in this week, or much blogging next week, as I will be busy, busy with DS and his golfing. 

Have a great rest of the week!