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Sunday Report, June 15th, 2008

Stash reporting is a bit boring again.  I didn’t buy any new fabric.  I did finish my cousin’s pillow shams, which used up another 3 yds of stash.  I’m still in the negative for YTD, with 66 yds coming in, 51.25 going out, leaving me with -14.75 yds used.  Bit by bit, I’m getting closer to a positive number!

These are my first pillow shams.

I finished the quilting on the charity quilt for the local guild.  This is the 2nd of two that I donated my quilting services for.  These quilts will go to a rehab facility for wounded soldiers.  While I was quilting, I said prayers for the soldiers that will be using this.  The blocks and border were string piecing on a fabric foundation.  I’m not sure exactly what fabric was used, but it appears to have a very tight weave, and I had thread breaks on every row.  Usually two, sometimes three, always at the corner end of the very top row.  I loosened the quilt sandwich, tried a larger needle, turned the eye of the needle a bit to the right, tried it with the stitch regulator on and off, etc.  Nothing helped.  Still shredded and broke every row.  That was frustrating, but I reminded myself it was nothing compared to what the soldiers are going through.  The only thing I can attribute it to was that foundation fabric and the thickness of the seams.  Anyway, it’s done, and I hope the guild is happy with it, and doesn’t mind that I had to do a bit of overstitching where the thread broke.  You really have to look to find them, anyway.  I decided overstitching a bit was the best way to deal with them, as I wanted to make sure the stops & starts would be secure, since this quilt will be used. 

This is the back.

You can see one of the thread break spots above the “L” in this next pic.

This is the back of the quilt top.

I got a new haircut Friday. 

Yesterday, DH had to shut the water off in the alley, so he could work on a leak on one of our toilets.  He called for me to come see this in the hole where the shut off is located…

Black widow…it gave me heebie geebies.

Caterpillar sighting!  Something has been eating lots of my little caterpillars, and I’m suspecting wasps. This guy, however, looks like he will make it to the finish line.  I hope my friend Anita sees this!  Her favorite thing on my blog are the caterpillar pics.  For you, Anita! Enjoy!

 Still no loss, no gain to report on the weight. 

 Oh YES! I had to come back and add how happy I am that Dale, Jr. won the race today! WOOHOO!