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Sunday Report (actual quilt content!)

Yes! I have a good stash report this week.

I busted 2/3 yd making the binding for this quilt that has been waiting to be bound for almost two years.  I love this quilt and it will feel so good to finish it!

I pulled 6 yds out to make two king pillow shams for my cousin, to go with the quilt she commissioned last year.  I wanted to quilt them, and I’ve never done shams before, so I might have used a little for than necessary to cut the sham tops from, but better a little extra leftover than short.  I used 3 yds on top, and 3 yds of a plain cream fabric for the lining.  Then, when I get this quilted and ready to finish, I will use more of the top fabric for the backings. 

I used another yard on my light version 9P & stripe, adding the first inner border.  I should have pressed it before taking the pic, but oh well.

I busted the most on these log cabin blocks.  The quilt will be a queen…8 &2/3 yds. so far!  I think I want to use the “windmill” layout, but I will have to play with them some more before I make up my mind completely.

And I’m starting to see some significant progress in my leaders/enders project from Bonnie Hunter’s site.  I have 60 of my 100 four patches done, for the Oklahoma Backroads quilt I am making as a surprise for my Mom.

Total stash busted this week is 16 yards, if I did the math right.  I need to avoid those “thirds”.  So for the year, I’m still in the hole -17.75 yds.  But I’m getting closer to a positive number! I haven’t even been tempted to buy any new stash!

My body stash busting…not so good still.  Especially not since I made that Pineapple Crack Delight that Freda posted.  Thanks a lot, Freda!  🙂  Sunday weigh-in was 145.  Really, really got get that going back in the right direction!

Have a great week!

9 thoughts on “Sunday Report (actual quilt content!)

  1. You know, if you get really desparate about having too much fabric, you have my address 😉 Great job on all the quilts!!! Go Randi!!!


  2. No more recipes!! Nope nope!! (gee–I might have to buy some of those vanilla wafers, I have the rest of the ingredients!) But you’ve had a great week sewing.


  3. Very impressive report. I really like the idea of making quilted pillow shams! I will have to keep that in mind next time I am buying border fabric.



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