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Ick! Wind! And other things…

Oh JOY! The wind is supposed to be really bad today, gusting up to 50 mph.   Y’all know I hate that, if you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time.  It  is supposed to be that way tomorrow, too.  That prolly ‘splains why my head hurt all day yesterday and my sinuses feel swollen and stuffy today.  My head seems to be very sensitive to weather changes.

Onto other things…Happy birthday to my DH today! Love ya babe!

Remember the printed panel quilt I quilted with the Cutie Patootie panto? And when my customer came to pick it up she brought a top with her that is 60 yrs. old? I posted about it here, https://allenquilts.wordpress.com/2008/03/18/tuesday-tidbits-2/.  Well, she called last night, and she does want me to quilt it.  She said she decided not to remove the pencil marks, so I will try to quilt over them as best I can, and she said if they don’t come out, she will live with them.  I’m excited about working on it for her…it’s really pretty, and I hope I do it justice.  I didn’t get to finish the one I have on the machine yesterday, as my head was really throbbing by the time I got off work.  And tonight, there will be birthday festivities for DH.  I will be sad to take this one back to it’s owner.  I LOVE this quilt.  It is sooooo pretty.  It’s a  Fons and Porter Stars & Stripes Sampler.  My customer did a beautiful job on it, and I really love the fabrics she used.  In fact, I like hers so much, I ordered the booklet from Fons & Porter last night, so maybe, someday, when I have time (LOL), I can make my own.  Since I was ordering, I also ordered Marianne Fons’ Fine Feathers book, as I have read so many great reviews of it. 

Time to get up from here and get ready for work! Have a great day!

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Sunday Report

I have actual progress to report this week for stash busting! I did not buy any more fabric.  I finally completed the Wild Onion jacket.  It is now listed in my Quilting Projects 2008 page, under 2008 Finishes.  So that officially moved 8.5 yds from my stash.  I also finished the center portion of the lighter 9P & Stripe quilt, and am almost finished with the center of the other one.  Sooooo, to help my stash busting totals not look quite so bad, I went ahead and gave myself credit for using that yardage.  🙂  I’m still in the negative, though.  I’m currently -41.75 yards in the hole.

Other quilting accomplishments this week:  I finished piecing the top of the commissioned log cabin quilt I’m making.  It is the next quilt in line to go on the machine.  I finished quilting Betty’s Garden Twist, and am almost done with another customer top.  It’s an 80X100 Stars & Loops panto.  So woohoo! Go me!  I got a lot done this week…except working out.  But hey…I only have so many “spoons” to go around!  But, I do need to find time to get those exercise sessions back in…I think they help me feel better, in addition to helping those pesky pounds come off.  I forgot to weigh-in this morning, but I did weigh midweek, and I was holding steady at 143.  So no progress, but no falling backwards. 

I have a really hectic week at work this next week.  Wish I was at MQX!  To those that are…Have fun!  Buy some fabric for me…hehehehe!

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Finished One Today! (if you leave comments, please read the edit on this post)

(Edited to add this note: I noticed that a couple of the comments I received were not showing up under the post.  Where were they?  I found them posted underneath different pictures.  Apparently, with this new gallery option, if you click on a pic, a comment box comes up, too.  If you comment there, your comment will be attached underneath the pic, and not the main post.  So, if you have left me a comment, and you aren’t seeing it under the post, you might have left it under a picture. )

This is the Garden Twist I started working on last month, for my friend Betty.  Betty made this a few years ago, and her mother hand-quilted it, in the ditch, for her.  She wanted me to see if I could add some more quilting to it, with my longarm.  It went really well, except for the borders.  I couldn’t quilt them without puckers, unless she removed the binding, which she opted to do.  So, I got it reloaded and finished up today.  It turned out pretty good, I think, considering there was quite a bit of fullness here and there, that really had nowhere to go.  She is very happy with it, so I am, too!


Just a bit of bragging!

I’ve been recovering this week from walking along for 18 holes of golf on Monday.  I went to watch my son in the final round of District play.  He played very well, and was only 2 over par going into the last hole.  However, that hole did not go well, and he made a double bogey on it, ending his round at four over.  That knocked him out of the individual medals, and he ended up in fifth place, one stroke behind his best friend and a  boy from a rival team, who had to go to a play off for third.  DS’s best friend won the playoff by chipping in for birdie on the first hole of the playoff.  Our team placed third.  But DS & his friend were the top two individual players not going to regionals on a team, so they both advance to regional as individuals. 

My baby boy.

His best friend.

Congratulations, boys! I love ya both!

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Sunday, Sunday

I guess I will tend to the stash report first, and just get that confession done and over with.  The fabric I mentioned in a previous post finally arrived.  So no stash busting here, oh no…only stash enhancing…to the tune of 45 yards.  But it’s so pretty…and it was so cheap.  The two bolts on the outside only cost me $2.77 per yard, with the shipping charges added.  The gorgeous Kauffman in the middle was $3.02 per yd with shipping added.  My justification for the light blue and pale olive green fabrics are that they will make fabulous backings for the quilts I am going to make with my current stash.  The Kauffman…well…I just love that one.  And I wanted it.  So I got it. 

I am going to try to work on getting a UFO finished this week, so I can finally subtract some yardage from my stash, before Judy kicks me out of the stash busting crew! Be sure to check out my new blog page on the tab above, Quilting Projects 2008, to find my new Stash Tracker page.  Thanks to Michele, for giving me this idea!

I went to the grand opening of a local greenhouse yesterday.  Not a new greenhouse, but new ownership.  I bought four patio tomatoes, which I already potted, and eight Mucho Nacho jalapeno plants,  four cherry tomatoes, and two grape tomatoes.


How about some pretty color? I bought three colors of daisies.  I’m going to give these a try in my front flower bed. 

And lastly, some celosia.  I have no previous experience with this plant, but I thought it was really pretty, and am going to put some in a pot in the front flower bed, along with some rose of sharon moss or something.  You can click on this pic and make it larger if you want a better look.

I still don’t have the gallery thing completely figured out.  I can post several thumbnails at once, but I haven’t figured out how to mix the two options.  I can still only either add one pic at a time, or ALL the pics for one post in one bunch.  Are you supposed to load them all at once, then move them around with edit?  Anyone know?  I’ll see if can relate what I’m trying to say more clearly.  I loaded the fabic pic first, individually.  Then I wanted to load the vegetable pics all at once.  There were two of them, I loaded them together, went to my post and typed in the gallery command.  Previewed my post, and they were there, but so was the fabric pic thumbnail, which I didn’t want.  So, I had to delete that and add them one by one.  Make sense?  So unless I want all the pics in one spot on my post, like down at the bottom, which I rarely do, what good is the gallery option? I must be missing something…

My plans for the rest of the day are to work on getting the binding added to the Wild Onion jacket that I made.  Then I can get that yardaged out of my stash, and it can go to it’s new home with my Mom.  I am going to work on the piecing of the commissioned log cabin I’m working on.  That has a May deadline, as it’s a graduation gift.  Those will be good projects to work on while I watch NASCAR at Texas Motor Speedway.  Of course, I will be doing laundry in the middle of that.  Guess I better get going and get busy!

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Scrambled Saturday

This will be a “hodge-podge” post…lol.  It’s scrambled because I feel little lost in my own blog with the new wordpress changes.  I know it’s “all for the good” but obviously there are some kinks to work out, and things to get used to…like the fact that whenever any of the bloggers I have loaded in my WordPress Dashboard Blog Surfer insert galleries, then instead of their photos showing up, my entire gallery of photos shows up.  Right now, my 300+ photos are showing up twice on my “blog surfer” page, totally screwing up my WordPress blog reading.  And yes, I sent them a note…I’m sure I’m not the only one…so I have faith it will be fixed. 

Also, do you ever feel just weird after having some dreams?  I woke up this morning after having the most vivid dream, that I was dying.  I had some weird disorder where my body wasn’t processing Vitamin A correctly, and the doctors didn’t think I was going to survive a week.  My family was devastated…I was telling all my cyberfriends “goodbye”, via blogging.  And in my dream, I was thinking “maybe if they all prayed for me, I’d get a miracle cure”….and then my dog Libby woke me up.  So I didn’t get closure…no happy ending…no sad ending…just left hanging…and now I have this weird feeling hanging over me.  Does that ever happen to you?  I can remember the details of it so clearly…I was even telling my friend Jill that “oh crap…I need to take care of my funeral details…I want to be cremated instead of stuck in a deep dark hole, and I really don’t even want a “funeral”.  (all that is true)  And I wasn’t afraid about dying, I was just so incredibly sad to be saying goodbye to everyone.  I’ve always had vivid dreams, and actually it’s kind of fun to see what “adventure” I will be having, but sometimes they are disturbing.  But, if someone has to be dying, I much prefer to dream about my own death than that of a loved one.  I really hate those.  Ok, enough of that.

Gayle has had some really great posts on her blog recently.  I have wanted to write indepth responses to them on my blog, but honestly, I just haven’t had the energy the last couple of weeks to sit down and focus on it.  One was about why do you blog or read blogs.  I think for me, it’s about connecting with other like minded individuals.  People that really “get” my obsession and fervent love of quilting.  I get to “show and tell” with y’all, and you understand.  You want to see what I’ve done and you want to share your projects with me.  You are like my online “guild”.  I just really think it’s fun to participate with each other through the blogs.  It inspires me, makes me laugh, sometimes makes me cry, sometimes teaches me something, or makes me see something from a differing viewpoint.  I enjoy reading about other pieces of y’all lives, outside your quilting. 

Gayle has also got some great posts going on that are health related.  If you have chronic health issues, or live with or are acquainted with someone who does, read her post about the spoon theory.  I could write a lot here, but truthfully, I’m just not up to it.  But I really do “get” the spoon theory. 

Speaking of quilt guilds, I have kind of been entertaining the idea of joining the local guild again.  I joined for one year, back when I very first started quilting…but it was hard for me to make the meetings.  My son was around 6 or 7 and in various evening activities….boy scouts, youth center sports…which usually conflicted with my making the guild meetings.  So I gave it up.  Now, I have less conflicts with the meeting times, I have been hesitant to go, as I was afraid they might think I was only there to try to pick up quilting customers.  Not so, but I was afraid it might appear that way.  Well, I got an invitation in the mail to attend their 20th anniversary celebration meeting.  I think I will!  Being invited is a whole ‘nuther thing! I can go and not feel awkward about it!

Also, to show once again that I really am a simple woman, and sooooo easily amused (and to see if I can figure out how to post pics with all the changes around here), I share the butter tub story.  DH & I were preparing our dinner Monday evening, and I opened a new tub of Country Crock “churn style” margarine.  “Oh look!”, I exclaim.  “It’s so pretty!”  DH responds, somewhat facetiously, “You should take a picture of that.”  So here you are!


Ok, I think I have the pics loaded, but right now I do NOT like the changes.  I was able to load three pics at once, but when I hit “insert into post”, they weren’t here, and I couldn’t find them anywhere.  I had to go back and “reload” them individually, and just insert each individually, because I don’t know where to find them. (except on my blog surfer page…lol) Before they still showed…I could hit the “browse all” button, and it would show all the pics I just loaded.  Any tips to offer?  I’m not a software whiz of any kind…I just muddle through…the simpler the better for me…I think I better quit for now….