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Sunday Report

I have actual progress to report this week for stash busting! I did not buy any more fabric.  I finally completed the Wild Onion jacket.  It is now listed in my Quilting Projects 2008 page, under 2008 Finishes.  So that officially moved 8.5 yds from my stash.  I also finished the center portion of the lighter 9P & Stripe quilt, and am almost finished with the center of the other one.  Sooooo, to help my stash busting totals not look quite so bad, I went ahead and gave myself credit for using that yardage.  🙂  I’m still in the negative, though.  I’m currently -41.75 yards in the hole.

Other quilting accomplishments this week:  I finished piecing the top of the commissioned log cabin quilt I’m making.  It is the next quilt in line to go on the machine.  I finished quilting Betty’s Garden Twist, and am almost done with another customer top.  It’s an 80X100 Stars & Loops panto.  So woohoo! Go me!  I got a lot done this week…except working out.  But hey…I only have so many “spoons” to go around!  But, I do need to find time to get those exercise sessions back in…I think they help me feel better, in addition to helping those pesky pounds come off.  I forgot to weigh-in this morning, but I did weigh midweek, and I was holding steady at 143.  So no progress, but no falling backwards. 

I have a really hectic week at work this next week.  Wish I was at MQX!  To those that are…Have fun!  Buy some fabric for me…hehehehe!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Report

  1. That’s a productive week! I barely got to walk into my sewing room last week. I think I hemmed some pants and that’s it. But I’m at MQX this week so all is right with the world!


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