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Finished One Today! (if you leave comments, please read the edit on this post)

(Edited to add this note: I noticed that a couple of the comments I received were not showing up under the post.  Where were they?  I found them posted underneath different pictures.  Apparently, with this new gallery option, if you click on a pic, a comment box comes up, too.  If you comment there, your comment will be attached underneath the pic, and not the main post.  So, if you have left me a comment, and you aren’t seeing it under the post, you might have left it under a picture. )

This is the Garden Twist I started working on last month, for my friend Betty.  Betty made this a few years ago, and her mother hand-quilted it, in the ditch, for her.  She wanted me to see if I could add some more quilting to it, with my longarm.  It went really well, except for the borders.  I couldn’t quilt them without puckers, unless she removed the binding, which she opted to do.  So, I got it reloaded and finished up today.  It turned out pretty good, I think, considering there was quite a bit of fullness here and there, that really had nowhere to go.  She is very happy with it, so I am, too!

6 thoughts on “Finished One Today! (if you leave comments, please read the edit on this post)

  1. Lovely quilting, Randy. It turned out really nicely…. the quilting gives the top a little more romance. 🙂


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