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See What Y’all Made Me Do??



20 thoughts on “See What Y’all Made Me Do??

  1. Oh no… forced to go shopping….. my eyes my eyes! 😉 I haven’t tried so fine yet either so I can’t wait to hear how you like it!! 😀


  2. Looks like you’ve got some thread “love” going on! Don’t you just love to play around with thread! Rates right up there with fabric. Just a ton o’ fun to play with!


  3. And why didn’t you have some of that sent to me while you were at it! LOL

    I have my list ready for when the tax return comes!

    I am using this thread almost exclusively unless they want variagated thread.


  4. Does this mean I can blame you for all my indiscretions of quilt expenditures ???? Love these colors and your feathers….


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