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Sunday Stash Report and Weigh-In

I don’t have much to report this week.  I’m still working on my Eleanor Burns quilts. I finished quilting my Wild Onion jacket, haven’t stitched up the seams yet.  I didn’t buy any fabric, even though I got lots of tempting emails from fabric shops having Superbowl sales.  Not sure what the Superbowl has to do with fabric sales….

I pulled a FatBack! from my stash to back this vintage quilt top I’m quilting.

On the body stash busting…my starting weight this week was 148.  My weight today was 147, for a loss this week of one pound.  That’s a total loss of 7 lbs.  I worked out six times last week.  I’m hoping to get back into some of my favorite pants that I like to wear to work.  Well, as of today, I can get back in them, buttoned and zipped.  However, I still cant wear them, because honestly, the only place I want to see a c@mel toe is on a camel. 😮

9 thoughts on “Sunday Stash Report and Weigh-In

  1. OMG Randi.. you are a scream! It took me a sec to figure out THAT figure of speech…… hadnt heard that one before. But Steve and I are still giggling and will use that one forever now.
    Congrats on the weight loss.


  2. Oh, how I laughed at your post! I will be looking at how my pants fit every time I go out. And your feathers and vintage quilt are lovely!


  3. I was wondering the same thing about a spew warning! I’m sure glad I didn’t have a mouth full of soda when I got to your blog today! 😀 Way to go on the weight loss! I HAVE to start doing something too!


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