Flat Stanley Goes to Amarillo

Dear Princess,

I enjoyed my trip to Amarillo, and I tried to take some good pics for you, but sometimes the car was going too fast. But here are some highlights of the things I saw on the way:

I wanted to drive, but it wouldn’t have been safe.


Instead, I had to ride like this.


While Greg drove.


The oil & gas industry, and agriculture are big parts of the economy around here.  You see lots of farm & ranch land, and oil & gas wells and businesses, everywhere you look.


Lots of wide open spaces.



Lots of cattle.


If it weren’t the middle of winter, some of the crops you would see growing in these fields would include wheat, corn, milo and cotton. You can still see some of the cotton left in this one.


There aren’t many big lakes around here, but when there is enough rain, these playa lakes fill up. Migrating birds love these small lakes.



This next bunch of pictures are views of the Caprock as we drove through it. 








We drove over the Canadian River.


We saw some antelope.  There’s lots of them out in the pastures.


This is the little red school house, right outside of Pampa.  It’s a historical marker site.  It’s really old, Princess.  Little kids like you used to go to school here, a long time ago.


I got to see a windfarm by White Deer, TX.  Sorry these are blurry.  The road here was really bumpy.



Remember that cotton field? This is a cotton gin.  I bet they could make some pretty quilt fabric with all that cotton, don’t you?




I took pics of Panhandle, Texas for you, and for our friends Gayle & Steve.  Steve has a sister that lives here! Small world, huh, Princess?



Randi said she’s jealous, because Panhandle still has a Dairy Queen, and her town doesn’t.

Two hours later, here we are.


I really wanted to get a better pic of the Big Texan, but I wasn’t fast enough with the camera.  It’s a really cool restaurant. It even has a horse hotel!




I saw the American Quarter Horse Association.  They have pretty statues in front.



This is a view of Santa Fe Railroad.


This is a view of downtown Amarillo.


There are horse statues, like this one, scattered all over town. But they are all painted differently.  This one is by Route 66.  I took a pic of Route 66 for you, but it didn’t come out good.  Sorry.


And lastly, Amarillo even has a Dairy Queen.


Well, I hope I did a good job of sharing my trip with you, Princess.  I still be here for a little while longer.  I’m learning to knit with Randi.


I love and miss you very much! See you soon!


8 thoughts on “Flat Stanley Goes to Amarillo

  1. Knitting is really cool!! Glad Randi made Stanley wear his seatbelt!! That road is big! The rocks are big too!!! They are HUGE!! I like statues! Those horses are pretty cool! Love you!! We don’t have a Dairy Queen either. But my mom does go to stores with me and sometimes dad when he is on vacation. Dad makes our ice cream. And mom sometimes too. Thanks for sharing your trip with us! All that looks very fun! – The Princess

  2. Wow, awesome trip!
    I am off to google earth caprock.
    I have been across that part of Texas before many times. I bet I have camped in a parking lot or campground in Amarillo about a dozen times over the years. And probably ate at DQ !

    Thanks from both of us for the Panhandle pics Randi. Steve got a kick out of it that you would do that. And he enjoyed seeing cotton. He had never seen it in a field. I had never seen it in such a big pile! Or if I did, I probably thought it was salt for the roads in winter. lol


  3. Looks like a great trip! Amazing landscape. I enjoy reading your blog, so I gave you the “Make my day award” Now you can pass it on to those bloggers that make this an enjoyable experience for you.

  4. This was great! I sure enjoy Flat Stanley’s travels … I see so much and learn so much. Thank you Randi, Greg, Flat Stanely, Princess and Jan for sharing.

  5. Wow, Stanley. How cool that you are learning to knit!! I’m glad miss Randi found you knitting needles that are just your size!! LOL. My mom lives in Amarillo and I was just there 2 weeks ago.

  6. Wow! What a trip! I’ve never been that far North in Texas, or anywhere near the panhandle, but it looks nice!

    I’ve been through 2 Flat Stanley projects so far, and I’m pretty sure I will have one more to go! Stanley sure does get around!

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