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Just a Midweek Check-in

I’ve barely had time to stay up with reading some of my favorite blogs and message boards this week, let alone post anything.  I’m having a good week, though.  I’ve kept up with my Flylady missions, and my exercise. 

Today, the weather is horrible here.  Right now the wind is HOWLING.  Plus, we’ve dropped from the 50’s & 60’s back to the 20’s.  The windchill is supposed to be below 0 at some point.  Maybe right now, I haven’t been out yet.  Then there is supposed to be some snow, with practically no visibility due to the wind.  Needless to say, I am not going to the doctor in Amarillo today.  We postponed that a couple of weeks. 

However, I found some online articles yesterday that I found very interesting, and I hope that I am finally finding some answers to my shoulder & back issues. The articles were on myofascial pain syndrome and trigger points.  I found an article with diagrams, showing common trigger points in the back and neck muscles, and where the referred pain locations are on the body.  They described what I am experiencing exactly.  They also show stretches for those muscles.  They said it’s better to treat the trigger points, with pressure, before stretching, but me, being impatient, went ahead and tried out some of the stretches.  I did this while sitting at my desk, waiting for my afternoon appts. to finish coming in, and they made me feel better.  I’ve been complaining that the pain goes right down the back of my right arm.  That area was really bothering me yesterday.  I did the stretching exercise for one of the muscle groups that it showed to refer pain to that area, and I kid you not, immediately, my arm quit hurting.  And it hasn’t started again, yet.  I’m trying not to get my hopes up that it is going to turn out to be something this easy….I’ll keep you posted.  BTW, the article on the trigger points can be found here, http://www.pressurepointer.com/BookOne1.pdf

Of course, they are trying to sell a product, too, but the stretches are fantastic.  This link will take you to the Mayo Clinic site, and their description of mayofascial pain syndrome.


Now I better get up from here and get ready to go to work.

3 thoughts on “Just a Midweek Check-in

  1. Thanks for sharing the link. It sounds promising!! I think this time of year it just is smack down time. You have the shorter days, taxes, all the stuff you let go over the holidays….. at least that’s my story 😀


  2. I am beyond pleased that you may have found some relief! There is nothing so deflating, defeating and depressing as chronic pain. If your stretches only relieve that pain for a few hours, woohoo!! that is a few hours. And perhaps as you continue doing the stretches the relief will be prolonged accordingly.

    I thank God everyday for the Mayo clinic and the physicians and staff there.


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