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Show and Tell Friday

It’s time for Kelli’s Show and Tell Friday.  Today I want to share a special quilt.  This was made by my husband’s grandmother, whom I never had the pleasure of knowing.  She was quite the prolific quilter.  I imagine that she would have loved my longarm! And, I think she would be thrilled to know that there is now another quilter in the family.  I love the the fabrics in the quilt.  I don’t think I could pick a favorite block.





Thanks for stopping by to see my show & tell item, and thanks to Kelli, for hosting.

28 thoughts on “Show and Tell Friday

  1. Randi! That quilt is beautiful and amazing… and just wow! Lucky you!! I’m sure she is smiling down to see one of her quilts loved so much!!


  2. One of the best I’ve seen, too. I’m just assuming that she hand-quilted this. I don’t think they did any machine quilting then? I’m a little curious about that. I’m a hand-quilter myself.


  3. Thank you, everyone, for all your nice comments on this quilt. I know my husband’s grandmother would be tickled. I want to clarify, she made this quilt in it’s entirety. I did not quilt it. She handquilted this.


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