flat stanley

Flat Stanley Visits the Courthouse

Dear Princess,

I got to go see the courthouse, where Randi works.  She took me to her office, but we didn’t take a picture of it…she said it was a little messy today…lol.  I did get to look at Main Street from her office window.  I was kind of high up in the air, huh?



She showed me more of Main Street from another window, down the hall.  Most of the businesses in this small town, can be found on Main Street.  Can you see those grain elevators down there? The business that Randi and her husband own, is down there, on the corner across from those elevators.  I hope I get to go see it while I’m here.


I got to see the District Court.  It’s a big room. 



This is where cases are tried, like you see on TV.  Civil and criminal cases are tried here.  As a probation officer, Randi only works with the criminal cases.  Criminal cases in this court, go in front of the District Judge, or a jury, and the person that broke the law will either go to prison (jail), or get put on probation.  That’s kind of like getting another chance.

I got to see what it’s like to sit in the witness chair.  Have you seen people on TV sit by the judge and answer questions? Sometimes Randi has to do that.


I got to sit in the Judge’s chair, too! It’s a big chair, Princess!


This is called “the cage”.  It’s where the jail inmates, that have to go to court, are held while they wait for their turn to go in front of the Judge. I don’t ever want to have to go in there, Princess!


Well, I guess that’s all for today.  I hope you are doing great!



8 thoughts on “Flat Stanley Visits the Courthouse

  1. Whoa!! Bad guys are real bad!! I’m glad our friends are good! I do not want to be in that cage! Mom says stanley is going in there if he drinks her coffee again. That court room is pretty cool!! We live in a small town too. You have a big job!! We hope you don’t get jailed!! Thank you for the very cool tour!!! It was very fun!! I love you! – The princess


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