Month: November 2007

Time’s Up! And the winner is…..


Congratulations Deb Levy! Email me your snail mail, and I will be sending you your fabric prize.  I chose five of my favorite “blender” fabrics from my stash and cut one yard pieces from each.


Thank you to all of the 22 entries in my blog contest! I wish I could send you all a prize.  I will have to think of more reasons for future contests!

Notice that I used my newly made basket to hold your names!


I think it’s not too bad for a first try, though I’m not convinced I’m finished with it just yet.  I think it needs some kind of handles added.  I hope to get a few smaller ones made up for some handmade Christmas gifts this year.

I haven’t signed up to be an official PIF participant, (the Pay It Forward movement that is going around on many of the blogs) simply because I have so many obligations to meet in my life already, that I didn’t want to sign up, fail, and feel badly.  However, I intend to unofficially participate, and look for ways to bless others with my handiwork.  I just don’t want it to feel like another thing I “have” to get done.  I hope that doesn’t sound terrible, I’m just being honest.  Most days I’m already stretched about as thin as I can go, as I know most of you are, too.  I really admire those of you that find ways to handle it all, and still find time and energy to give so much of yourselves. 

I am also happy to report that my stepdaughter is going home from the hospital as I type! She had her surgery Thursday and all went well.  The doctor didn’t see anything that looks suspicious, but we won’t have the official report til next week.  That is such a huge relief! I just wish she didn’t have to go through the discomfort that follows.  She is such a special young woman and I love her very much! Thank you for your prayers for her.

Have a wonderful Saturday!

TADA!!! 10,000 Hits!

Ok, I promised a contest on my blog when I reached 10,000 hits.  That magic number just popped up in my stats! So, here is what I am going to do to celebrate all my fun friends in blogland.  Everyone that comments on THIS post will be entered into a drawing.  The prize will be FABRIC!!! I will raid my stash for a nice selection to send to the lucky winner.  I can’t believe I have faithful readers, but I do, and I appreciate you!  I enjoy sharing with y’all and reading up on your blogs.  Thanks for coming to visit me!

I will keep the the contest open til noon on Saturday to give everyone a chance to pop in and not miss out on the fun!  Good luck!

WIP Wednesday

I have managed to work on my projects some this week, in the evenings after work.  Tonight, before DH got home and dinner was ready, I managed to get started on the final big feather in my cousin’s quilt.


And, I’ve been wrapping clothesline while watching TV at night, and on my lunch breaks I’ve been able to stitch for a few minutes on my first basket attempt.  This is kind of fun! It’s really starting to look like something!


There is one small spot right before I stopped stitching where my fabric shifted and the clothesline is showing.  I will fix that.  And that’s all I have for my midweek project report!

Sneak Peeks at Quilting the “Cowboy Way”

I am almost finished quilting my cousin’s quilt.  One large feather to go, and it will be on to the binding. Since my blog has been seriously lacking in quilt related photos lately, I’m going to make up for it with some preview photos.  I wanted to give them “durability” in the quilting, as this will be used, but also wanted special elements in the quilting to reflect their lifestyle, and give it a personal touch for them.  Thankfully, Dave Hudson has several designs that filled the bill perfectly.  This top started out at right at 118″ square.  a quick measurement a moment ago, tells me the quilting process has already shrunk it to about 115″.  I know it will shrink a bit more when I wash it, but surely it will still be large enough.  I always worry about that!  Anyway, here are the pics…they aren’t the best quality, but never fear, there will be more when it is finished. 🙂

Lots of stippling, and a bit of feathering…carrie7.jpg


I put Dave Hudson’s stallions in the inner top and bottom borders.


I put Dave’s horseshoes in the side inner borders.


I used another of Dave’s pantos for the large outside borders.  It has Stetsons & cowboy boots with meandering around them. It is perfect for this quilt.


And finally, Quilt EZ feathered wreaths in the corners.


And that concludes the preview show.  I think it is coming together quite nicely.  I also think I am FINALLY “getting it” when it comes to doing a custom quilt job.  I have struggled with “putting it all together” and getting the quilt stabilized w/o problems, etc.  I don’t know why this was so hard for me to figure out, but I think the light bulbs are finally all coming on! 

Welcome Home, Sweetheart!

Woohoo! My husband is coming home today!  He has been gone since Sunday morning, on a fishing trip to Amistad Lake.  Kay has written some very funny posts in her blog about being “paranoid” when her DH is gone and she is alone in the house.  I, on the other hand, am more paranoid about telling the “whole world” that he is gone, than I am about the actual being alone part.  So, now that he is on his way home, I can “safely” tell y’all that he’s not been here with me all week.  How silly is that? LOL!  Anyway, I am so excited that my sweet baby will be home with me tonight! 🙂

Now, I’m up and off of this computer to get dressed, and do something quilty! I am making great progress on Carrie & John’s quilt, and I hope in the end it will look great. I am to the point of taking it off and turning it for the last borders, and I still have some quilting to do in the center, but while I have it off, I want to mark the vein for the final feathers, that will go throught the dark diamond around the center. After the borders and final feathers are done, I will have some simple meandering left to do, and I will be finished with the quilting.  But, while I have it off, I have to baste one more baby quilt for a customer.

Have a great weekend, y’all!

Is it not Friday yet…???

This has been such a hectic week for me at work.  Today will be the same.  I’m sure ready for Friday.  Tomorrow I get off early, but I’m getting my hair cut & new color, so that will take pretty much the whole afternoon.  I need to be working on my quilting projects.  I am making progress on my cousin’s quilt, and I think that may have something to do with my anxious-ness.  I’ve frogged two feathers, already…hopefully there will be no more frogging.  I think that I’m trying “too hard” because I want it to be so special, that I get myself all frazzled out in my head.  And I become extremely critical of my work.  I think it’s just too many things going on at once in different areas of my life. 

My oldest stepdaughter will be having a hysterectomy on the 8th, and I am ready for that to be behind her, also.  She’s only 31.  If you are so inclined, please say a prayer for her that all will go smoothly and there will be no bad test results from the lab work.

Carla, I finally took a pic of the inversion table for you.  It’s at a bit of a weird angle, but I was trying to get the whole apparatus in the pic. It’s a Teeter Hang Ups.

inversion.jpgI went for my chiropractic treatment yesterday, and my chiropractor said he thinks it’s great that I  got one and am using it.

Gotta run for now!