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WIP Wednesday

I have managed to work on my projects some this week, in the evenings after work.  Tonight, before DH got home and dinner was ready, I managed to get started on the final big feather in my cousin’s quilt.


And, I’ve been wrapping clothesline while watching TV at night, and on my lunch breaks I’ve been able to stitch for a few minutes on my first basket attempt.  This is kind of fun! It’s really starting to look like something!


There is one small spot right before I stopped stitching where my fabric shifted and the clothesline is showing.  I will fix that.  And that’s all I have for my midweek project report!

5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. I got five or six more rows wrapped and stitched tonight…about three more and I will call it finished, I think. Hmmm….what fabrics shall I use for the next one?

    Deb, I was thinking the same thing looking at those cute coffee cuffs on your blog…….


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