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5 Day Report

Not much to add…I only got one more row put together on my Storm at Sea wallhanging.  I did look at my new issue of McCall’s Quilting that came yesterday.  I fought a sinus headache all day at work, and was feeling slightly better, but worn out by the time I got home.  I sewed that row while home on my lunch break.  I did force myself to do some Flylady cleaning in my bedroom.  I had to do a little unexpected babysitting for a friend, from about 7:oo to almost 8:00 last night.  Then I went straight to bed.  I wish I could stay home and sew today.

 OH!  Before I went to work yesterday, I took aforementioned 16 year old to get his driver’s license.  He’s official now!  He picked me up for lunch, and went to get me a cold slush from Sonic yesterday afternoon.  So strange, watching them drive off by themselves the first few times.

4 thoughts on “5 Day Report

  1. I hope the headache is better!!! And I don’t even want to think about driver’s liscense…. oh man…. I know they grow up, but it’s too fast….


  2. My 18 yr old is driving to Duluth right now 3 1/2 hours from here……then getting on a plane there and flying to the cayman islands…….all without her mom. My 21 yr old is heading out west on a road trip with 3 of her girlfriends for about 10 days…..again without her mom. How did this happen?


  3. Oh Wendy…sometimes I want to scream “Slow Down!” But then again, it was kind of nice the last 2 days not to have to be picking him up and dropping him off at various places. Such mixed emotions.


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