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I finished one today!

I got the binding finished on this little baby quilt today.  Yea!  One down, one to go before Monday.  This is the first time I tried a wavy border, and I am pleased with the results. 

000_4488.jpg  000_4489.jpg

I’m especially tickled with how well it matches up when folded (it really doesn’t take much to excite me).

000_4490.jpg   000_4491.jpg

I came home from work today, and got my garden plants all watered, and then I fried some fresh zucchini squash, and sliced some home grown tomatoes for dinner.  Yum!  Now to get that blue & yellow log cabin bound….

9 thoughts on “I finished one today!

  1. Hi, Randi!

    Great blog! I’m on LAChat but decided to start blogging here on wordpress after reading Carla’s and Jan’s.

    So tell me how you fix your zucchini. We’re getting tired of the same old same old.


  2. Hi Karen! I dip my zucchini slices in egg, then in a mixture of flour, salt, usually some Nature’s Seasoning, and a bit of black pepper. Then I fry them in a skillet. Really good!


  3. randi, i too am in the process of moving from lachat to here. i’ve not yet been brave enough to do a scalloped edge. was doing the binding tricky? looks great!


  4. It really wasn’t that tricky. I got Darlene Zimmerman’s book, The Quilter’s Edge, which has the instructions. I also got her scallop edge tool to mark the edge.


  5. Hey, I have gotcha book marked now. This learning new stuff on these blogs is intimidating. It looks like you are doing a fine job at it.


  6. Another adorable quilt, love the bright colors…… Wish I had time to play, I am just all work anymore… Careful what you ask for I was once told! You are doing a wonderful job and it looks like you are loving your new A-1!


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