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Hello world!

Well, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and starting a new blog.  I’ll start with a pic of my latest baby quilt, to see if I can get the hang of this new space.  I just need to get the binding on.  This quilt will be offered for sale in my friend’s salon/boutique. I used my Quilt EZ Contemporary BF templates, and I must say, I loved them.  Very fun to use and I really like the way the quilting looks. 


Well, that’s all for my first post.  Hope you will come back!

10 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Well aren’t you the observant one! You should get a prize for being the first to find me…so glad to see you here!


  2. WooHoo, glad you joined the freedom bloggers. Love your heading and BF Quilt. I shall add you to my Blogroll and follow your fabulous quilting, thanks for sharing Randi….


  3. I’m so glad you came to see me! I must apologize to you all about the big black square where my avatar should be….I’m having trouble getting a pic to post in there. I’ve tried making them smaller, it says it uploads, but then nothing but a big black hole.


  4. Randi, my square stayed black at first, I’m guessing a system refresh on wordpress’s side sometime within 24 hours of you uploading your avatar might just fix it… or not…. not an expert nor do I play one on tv 😉


  5. Ahhhh….well, I hope so. Maybe something will show up there soon. Who knows what, as I kept trying to upload a different pic thinking it wasn’t working…lol!


  6. Still love the quilting on this baby quilt. I may have to see about getting me one of those.
    Wish I had a friend like yours. I have tons of quilts that I made to sell and can’t……our area is so saturated with quilters, they look and copy.
    Glad to see you have your own blog now. Will have to put it in my bookmarks.


  7. Love you new blog! Love you quilts!

    Your quilting gets better every day and it sounds like you are loving it more every day.

    Also wanted you to know that we are still around if you need help with your A1.


  8. Hi Gerald! So glad you dropped by! Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten you! She’s sewing like a dream! I did do a bit of tweaking…I’m sure you read about that in my other blog…I was hoping you wouldn’t have a heart attack when I mentioned tweaking the needle bar and timing, etc. I noticed the hook was actually hitting the needle and deflecting it quite a bit. I watched Stewart’s DVD and went to work…I figured if I messed it up, YOU could straighten me back out…lol! She is still kinda noisy, but I’m starting to think that she’s just “chatty”…maybe kinda like me! You & Sandy are the best!


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