Simple Stitching

It has been a good weekend, thus far. I got baby C’s quilt loaded  yesterday and started on the first row of quilting. Today, I got to work on it a little more.  It’s all very simple quilting. Nothing fancy at all.  I took such a long break from quilting after Greg’s passing, and when I did start again, it’s been so sporadic that I almost feel as if I’m starting from scratch. Not quite that bad, really, but close. I had gotten to be quite adept at tension adjustments, and even retiming my machine wasn’t that big of a deal. I’m having to fuss with the tension a bit on this one, and it does feel more challenging to me than it did at the point where I was before. I know I’ll get back there in time. In the meantime, my goal is to just enjoy the process again. Be thankful that I’m blessed enough to have this longarm machine to quilt with. I can’t wait til we are the best of friends again.






Lots of variety for baby to look at as he snuggles with it. Part of my day was spent babysitting the boys while mommy went to a see the doctor at the local family clinic. I was pretty happy to spend that bit of time playing with them and feeding the baby his lunch. Good times.

Efren and I spent the rest of the day by slowing down and just enjoying each other’s company and a nice dinner together at home, along with a fire in the fireplace and a movie. I wish I could say the movie we chose was as good as the company and the dinner. I love acorn squash, with a big pool of melted butter and brown sugar in the middle. Yummy!


A nice side for the pork chops I cooked. One of my favorite fall veggies. Yep, it’s been a good day, but I better go to sleep. Efren is snoozing away, Lulu is curled up in her little bed, and Bella is softly snoring away on hers. I’m looking forward to tomorrow….

4 thoughts on “Simple Stitching

  1. Your quilting looks pretty good to me. I was having tension problems when I got sick so when I get back to it I will have to deal with that before I can finish the quilt that has been on the frame since May.


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