A Beautiful Blessed Easter!

Greg is becoming more responsive every day! Today, the nurse put some lotion on him and asked if that was better, and Greg gave him a thumb up sign! Praise God! He is continuing to respond with head nodding, and head shaking, and mouthing yes and no. I think that speaks volumes regarding his cognitive state.

While at home, I have made a bit more progress on my Stars & Stripes sampler:

Yes, there is still a long road ahead, but I am so, so, sooooo encouraged right now! Again, I thank you all for your prayers, and your continued prayers.

12 thoughts on “A Beautiful Blessed Easter!

  1. Randi- this is fantastic to hear! Especially on Easter.
    I had a little procedure & was not able to work last week.
    I will be there first thing in the morning to check on Greg!
    So happy for y’all!


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