Quick Update

I spent the last week with my husband. I am home, and wiped out. But, I know so many of you are checking in for updates, including a new blog reader, Allison.  Allison is one of Greg’s awesome dialysis nurses, and she is off the rest of this week, and was going to watch my blog for updates on his condition. I’m sorry I have left you all hanging for so long. It is just a slow going process, and most days, I don’t have much to report, other than he isn’t any better, but he isn’t any worse. Saturday, Sunday and Monday were a bit disheartening for me. I could not get him to really “wake up” much at all. However, Tuesday was a much better day.  He was more alert, and responding to voice and tactile stimuli. Wednesday, he seemed worn out from Tuesday, and from his dialysis Wednesday morning.  Was in his “sleeping” state all day again. But Thursday, he was  opening his eyes much more, and started moving his right arm voluntarily, and moving his right leg more. Not much activity on the left side, though I did see him trying to move his left arm a little. He definitely seems to be trying to focus in on you more, when you are in front of him talking to you. When he is “awake”, he seems to be staring off somewhere else most of the time, but Thursday, and again this morning, it appeared that he is trying to move his eyes to the source of the voice and even seems to be looking at your face at times. They were also able to start the process of trying to wean him from the ventilator by putting it on CPAP mode, and so far, he is tolerating that quite well. I play music for him on my Ipod, and a certain special song of ours really seems to get his attention. I feel like he is trying to find his way back. His white blood count continued to rise over the past few days, and hit an alltime high of 48,600 yesterday. Today, it was down to 40,500. They are trying to pinpoint the cause. They did discover that he does have active yeast infection in his urine, and are still growing cultures on that, and it could be the cause. He is just so very weak, that you can’t imagine, unless you have seen someone in this condition before. It is going to be so hard for me to not be there with him tomorrow, to see firsthand how he is progressing. I do have people checking in on him for me over the next few days, though. Thank God for all our “angels”. I don’t know what we would do without them.

Thank you all for your prayers, your comments of support and concern.  I appreciate each and every one.