Some Good News Today

This morning, Lea called to check on Greg.  The charge nurse for the day shift reported that the night nurse, and the charge nurse for the night shift, both reported that he had his eyes open all night! They actually said he was “awake” all night. He was also squeezing hands, both sides, and moving feet and wiggling toes on command from them. YAY! Also, his white blood count was down to 31,800 today. Remember, when I was there last, it was going as high as 48,600.  He had dialysis again this morning, and he was already starting to “sleep”, but we think his days and nights might be mixed up. The charge nurse said she was very encouraged!

I called to get an update after work, and he has been out of it most all day, but again…he had dialysis and the nurse mentioned that he had been awake all night, so that would be expected. His vitals all stayed stable during dialysis. The infectious disease doctor discontinued the antifungal today, as well as an antibiotic he has been on, and just ordered follow up labs to monitor. He is down to a much lower dose of the steroid, and will be completely off of that in a few days.

More baby steps in the right direction! Praise God!