More Good News For Good Friday

Yesterday, they took Greg off of any ventilatory support.  He has a t-piece (trach collar), and is only receiving some oxygen through it, and they said he is doing great.  My son went to see him yesterday.  He wouldn’t open his eyes while he was there, but he was turning his head to him, and he said he could tell he listens when you are talking. He said he didn’t “look as sick to him as last time he saw him”. The nurses said he is “restless”. This morning, the report is that he was “awake” all night again. But, he is still opening his eyes this morning. His sister and brother-in-law are with him now, and she called and said he is looking at both her, and her husband when they talk to him. And…his white blood count….is down to 26,000 this morning!! I’m so encouraged!

Have a blessed Good Friday!

7 thoughts on “More Good News For Good Friday

  1. I know when my husband was sick what a relief it was when he came off the ventilator. When they breathe more easily, so do we. The news is more encouraging day by day.
    With love,


  2. It’s Easter Saturday here in Australia but I said a special prayer for you all yesterday, after all, what more holy day is there than Good Friday? I am so pleased that things are on the improve. God is good 🙂


  3. Everyone of those little baby steps will add up soon to one giant step towards total recovery. What a joy to read of the improvements! God is good.


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