May Have Found a Piece to the Puzzle

Blood cultures revealed a fungal infection in Greg’s blood, and on the tubing of the central line they removed.  It’s a systemic yeast infection.  They started him on antifungal med today.  This is certainly a very serious situation, and am hoping and praying they caught it in time, that it responds to the medicine, and that we will see rapid improvement. It could be the cause of his respiratory distress, fever, and a few other symptoms he has experienced.

Being on the steroids, as well as strong, broad spectrum antibiotics for extended time period would have made him susceptible to this, as well as having a central line, and catheter, and being in ICU for as long as he was.  Any could be the culprit.

11 thoughts on “May Have Found a Piece to the Puzzle

  1. Thank God there is something that is treatable! Now we will pray they found it in time and Greg has turned a corner!



  2. Praying the anti-fungal meds are the cure you’ve been looking for. This certainly has not been an easy row to hoe for you two. I pray health and happiness are right around the corner.


  3. Randi, praying this will be controlled & show to be the cause of the continued problems. I cannot imagine how difficult this has to be for you.


  4. Here’s to prayers answered. Finding the problem is half the battle and now on to the healing! I wish there were more I could do, but know that you are in my thoughts and prayers daily. As said before, I can’t imagine how hard this is for you and your family.


  5. I continue to pray for the return of his good health, continued courage and strength for both of you. Let’s hope that everyone’s prayers will be answered soon.


  6. I’m praying this is good news and will lead to much better improvement. I’m also hoping you’re feeling some of the comfort from all the prayers.


  7. I hope they are finally on the cause of his problems Randi. I know it has been frustrating for them and you. You are still in my prayers.


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