This Just In From Lubbock!

I have been home trying to get some rest this weekend and Lea has been in Lubbock with her daddy. She just texted me this update:

“So I just got here, he opened his eyes after a few minutes of me talking. I asked if he could see me and he mouthed yes! PTL! It’s a glorious day!”

There were some small responses yesterday, as well. Sometimes, we aren’t sure if what we are seeing is real, or we are seeing what we want to see, but once Lea asked him to squeeze her hand and he did it, and the nurse was in there and saw it, as well.  The nurse asked him “Mr. Allen, can you hear me?” and Greg shook his head no! We know he could hear him because his eyes were closed.  Maybe it was easier to shake his head than nod it, having just had the trach.  Who knows? She also was in his face saying “open your eyes, open your eyes” and she finally said “open your eyes for Randi”…and he did! Baby steps. But steps, nonetheless! Please continue to pray for him.