A Finish For in Time for Christmas!

I finished Judy’s pinwheel quilt in time for her to gift it to her granddaughter for Christmas.  This was such a cute top, and I really got to let loose and just enjoy the quilting of it.  Thank you, Judy!

There isn’t anything spectacular about the quilting on this one, but I sure had fun quilting it! I love fun and whimsical quilting! So my thing!

A little personalization (I think this could’ve been done better, but hopefully, it’s good enough)

I love the backing fabric on this one! It’s a cute turtle flannel! Besides being super cute, it is so soft and cuddly!

I think it’s will surely make a little girl smile! Great to work with you again, Judy! Thanks for letting me have fun with this one!

11 thoughts on “A Finish For in Time for Christmas!

  1. Sweeeet! Love the variegated thread. It really helps to set off the wonderful clear colors of this quilt. Very nice job, Randi. Glad you had fun.


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