Saturday Stitching

From this:

To this:

A few funky feathers to make those pinwheels fly!

10 thoughts on “Saturday Stitching

  1. Fellow longarmer here…did you use the same color thread in all the pinwheels? I get overwhelmed trying to match thread colors to the blocks, but I never know what solid to use…grey or tan like I do when piecing?


    1. I always answer my comments by private email, in case the commenter doesn’t come back to check…but I think I will start answering some in the comments, as well. Yes, I am using the same thread throughout this quilt. A variegated pastel Lava that goes with the colors in the pinwheels. After, I finish, I will post a closeup of the thread. I’m actually able to do and entire pinwheel row with one start and stop.


  2. Oh yes … you turned Ernestine into Marilyn for sure!! It’s lovely.

    And please tell us about your nativity. It is exqusite!


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