Getting Ready to Party

Quilt guild style! Tuesday night is our annual Christmas party.  It’s a fun time.  We eat (really well), we do a fun Christmas fat quarter exchange, a “dirty Santa” ornament exchange, and play Quilto for various “prizes” contributed by the members.  There is always lots of laughter.  If you aren’t familiar with “dirty Santa”, it’s a gift exchange where you actually get to steal from each other, until a gift has been stolen a predetermined number of times, and then it is “retired” from the stealing, and the current holder gets to keep it.

If you are a member of my guild, you might want to stop reading now, if you prefer surprises. 😉 If not, keep scrolling for pics of my contributions to this year’s festivities.

The ornaments for exchange can be purchased, or homemade.  This year I decided to make one of the embroidered Christmas angels, from one of OESD’s past Christmas collections.  I love the way these turn out, and I hope she makes one of my fellow guild members very happy.

My Christmas fat quarters:

And my Quilto prize contribution is a pretty Moda charm pack, and a yo-yo maker.  You know, recently I fell in love with these yo-yo makers.

I can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “Getting Ready to Party

  1. The angel is gorgeous. I have mine sitting out. I was going to put it on the top of my tree, but it’s too small for this tree. I LOVE HER.

    Have fun at your guild!


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