Gearing Up For a Tough Week

Mom starts five straight days of chemo in the morning, then has her stem cell transplant on the 18th.  Any and all prayers are much appreciated.

I do have a little quilting to share. I finished up a cute customer top last weekend. This one is for Thelma, and it is adorable.  The bugs and flowers are chenille strips that she will “fluff up” after the quilting.

I also made a bit more progress on one of my stash tops.

I’m also shopping sewing furniture, so I can quit using my dining table for this purpose.  I’m really drooling over the Koala QuiltPro Plus IV, and am thinking that if I survive the rest of this year, that I may reward myself with one of these.  I like the Brazilian Cherry, and think I will add the optional 6″ of height, so that it is a comfortable cutting surface, as well.  If you have one, how do you like it?  It will be a couple more months before I make a final decision and purchase.  Something to look forward to, though, in the tough days ahead. I am so dreading watching my Mom go through this.  Thanks again for the prayers!

Talk to you soon…

13 thoughts on “Gearing Up For a Tough Week

  1. I, too, will have you and your mother in my thoughts and prayers during this upcoming week.

    I enjoyed seeing your quilting and your stash top.


  2. Oh! I have a Horn table that is very similar to the Koala that you linked to. I love mine and yours (buy it! LOL) is even better than mine. Mine doesn’t have the shelves on the right side ‘swing open’ portion (on the right as shown in the photo) and mine does not have the left swing out table top. I do have the back extension and the same drawers. Love it. Often I do wish I had more ‘table’ at my left side, to rest fabric or a quilt top on it. For a long time my serger sat on the right ‘table’ but now I have a cutting mat there, which is handy if I’m doing paper piecing.


  3. Those autumn quilt blocks really are cool! I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product.

    You and your mom are in my prayers. May you both be filled with His peace.


  4. Your mom and you are in my thoughts and prayers. God’s peace & blessing and comfort be with you both.

    Love the quilting on the “bug” quilt. VERY cute!


  5. Sorry to bother you at this time but I need advice on how to quilt a crazy quilt. Please email me when you get a chance and I will send you pics. I am at a total loss on this one:)
    Thanks in advance and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!


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