I bought Clover yo-yo makers, from extra small to extra large, quite some time ago.  Today, I decided to give it a try, thinking it would be a good way to stay occupied while sitting with Mom, who is in the hospital, due to the brutal effects of the chemo she had to take for the stem cell transplant.

My opinion of these little gadgets? I like!!


9 thoughts on “Yo-Yo

  1. Very nice! I’ll have to give them a try. I LOVE the bee fabric – I think I have some of that with a yellow background!


  2. I’m not looking! ^^ Not looking! ^^ Well, okay, just peeking ^0. Cute, Cute!

    Do you have any idea how long your Mom will be hospitalized? gosh, I hate this for her and for you. But what a happy day it will be when the stem cells do their “thing”.

    Thinking of you and sending hugs to both of you.



  3. Sorry to hear what you and your mum are going through.
    I have the yoyo maker in one size and did use some to embellish a tote; but my purpose in buying it was because I want to make a tablecloth all in yoyos…I saw one in an old movie and thought it was great! I really need to get started on that one this winter!


  4. Cute little YoYo. Been meaning to try those myself. Whenever I see you post on MQR I think of your Mom and send up a little prayer that these bad days pass quickly and good days will arrive soon and stay long.


  5. Glad to see these little gadgets work so well….may have to check into them.

    Sorry to hear your Mom is still having such a difficult time. I know this is not easy for you either. Just want you to know you all are in my thoughts and prayers.


  6. So sorry to hear that your mom is so ill, praying for you both for a speedy recovery. I love those Yo-yo makers, also have them in all shapes and sizes, but like the round ones better. Have made two bags full already to use on a bed quilt one day.


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