Goodbye, Friend

I never met Diane Fink in person.  We “met” through online quilting forums. Through the distance between us, we shared our love of quilting, NASCAR, our boys, etc., via emails, phone calls,  squishy packages in the mail, and of course our blogs. I found out yesterday that we have lost her to a car accident.  I will miss you, Diane. 😦

7 thoughts on “Goodbye, Friend

  1. Me too, this was such a shock to hear last night. I am so sad. She was such a nice person. I haven’t been able to get her off my mind ever since I heard the news. I will miss her.


  2. I will miss her too. She was so excited over her new job just a few weeks ago. It is hard to believe she is gone.


  3. I had no idea…..what a shock to hear this awful news. I enjoyed chatting with her a few years ago when I was active on LAChat. I don’t know what to say. I will be praying for her family.


  4. I did have the pleasure of meeting Diane at Innovations years ago when I was finishing my first ever class at a machine quilting show. She yelled at me across the room and said, “I know you from the longarm list!” It was so exciting to meet someone from the list in person. I have enjoyed her blog and her posts on longarm groups ever since then. I was so shocked to hear about her death which happened to be on the two month anniversary of my nephew’s death. And her funeral is tomorrow which is two months to the day after my nephew’s funeral. I am feeling such grief and sorrow for Diane’s family and what they’re going through right now. Their lives will never be the same.


  5. Oh what sad news!!! I had not heard this yet! She was such a sweet person and will be missed deeply!! Thanks for posting the information Randi!!!


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