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Continuous Curve Video Fun

Thought I’d treat y’all to a little video. Hope you enjoy it. Try to ignore what a huge dork I am…lol.

11 thoughts on “Continuous Curve Video Fun

  1. Randi, your tutorial video is wonderful and so informative. I have a difficult time knowing where to start and continue, and stop. You showed it so well! A huge Thank you!


  2. Randi,
    Your quilting is so slow and easy (just like your drawl!) and nicely done. I’d write ‘perfectly’ done if you’d just quite calling yourself names.
    Y’all just have to be a little sweeter.
    Thanks for the videos…. love them.


  3. Randi – this was great! Have seen this on finished quilts but didn’t know how it was done. I’m gonna try it this afternoon. Thanks for thinking of us!


  4. Thanks Randi! It’s so great to see other people while they’re quilting. I still haven’t mastered the CC so it’s great to hear it took you a while too. Your CC now looks fantastic!


  5. Randi,

    Thank you for the tutorial! I am a new machine quilter. I’ve been machine piecing for a number of years and finally picked up a quilting machine. Can’t wait to try this technique. Your quilts are gorgeous!!


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