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Finished a Cute One

I finished this cute baby quilt, for a new client.  She made the top, I did the quilting. I call this light custom, as there is no SID, and everything is freehand, no marking required.

I enjoyed working on it.

I took my Mom for her PET scan, bone marrow biopsy, and first round of chemo last week.  The PET scan was Tuesday, and we went wig shopping before, as she will lose her hair from the chemo.  We made a fun day of it.  Friday, they told us the scan was clear, except for the tumor on the back of her tongue.  It has grown to the extent that it is choking her some.  Really causing her problems eating.  That breaks my heart.  Anyway, we don’t have the marrow results yet, but I expect them any day.  If it has not spread to the marrow, then it is stage 1.  He said the chemo should start shrinking it as early as a week.  I pray it does.  The final diagnosis is Blastoid Mantle Cell Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, which is an even more aggressive form that regular Mantle Cell.  So, he also wants to do a marrow transplant, using her own marrow, after she finishes her chemo rounds.  There should be six of those, once every three weeks, if she handles them well, and the cancer responds like we hope.  She has done very well with round one, so far.  I appreciate all the prayers and emails and messages from all of you.  Your concern has meant a lot to me.  I know several of you are going through, or have gone through, similar circumstances.

This Saturday, my “baby” boy will graduate from high school.  Soon, he will be off to college.  Lots of changes in my life this year.  Changes at home, changes at work, lots and lots of change.  I sure don’t have time to be bored…lol.  Maybe I will find time to work on some of my own stash projects in there somewhere…soon.