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Happy Mother’s Day

I’ve been a bit of a blog slacker, lately.  Lots going on in life.  I have been quilting.  I quilted a Christmas themed friendship star signature quilt for Judy P.  She mentioned putting a snowflake in the blocks, so I used my Circle Lord to make a “snowflake-ish” design in the large plain blocks.  The pieced blocks were from a swap, with the makers signing the blocks they made.  My client had some filler blocks that she added, and requested that I sign one of them with “quilted by”.  I thought that was really neat, and was happy to do so.

Also, I quilted this cute little lap quilt for Betty C.  The quilting is Linda Taylor’s Feather Meandering pantograph.

My heart is a bit troubled this Mother’s Day.  We found out Friday that my sweet Mom has lymphoma.  She had a growth come up on her tongue…quite rapidly…she had a biopsy done and we got the results late Friday afternoon.  All we know, at this point, is that she will have radiation and chemo.  The growth is already so large that it is interfering with her swallowing, and certain foods make her feel like she will choke on them.  The ear, nose and throat specialist, who did the biopsy, will be scheduling her an appt. with an oncologist.  Hopefully, we will find out who and when tomorrow.  I am anxious to know more than we know now, and am praying for a good outcome to this.