Working on a fun one!

This one is from Erma, and she has given permission to share pics on my blog, while I work on it. She is also letting me “have my way with it”…lol, and I really like that.  🙂  It’s still very much a work in progress…but here are some previews…

I know some quilters don’t like to post customer quilts, but I think it’s a fun way to keep my clients  “in the loop” and involved with their quilt.  Lots more to do on this one…so stay tuned!

14 thoughts on “Working on a fun one!

  1. I had a shock when I opened your blog today. That is the same quilt I have on my design wall! I started it many years ago and recently pulled it out and started making blocks. Your quilting looks fabulous (as always).


  2. Randi, way cool pics!! I agree, my customers LOVE to see their quilts on my blog. In fact, my current post is of a guild quilt and they are planning to have a computer laptop of my post at the guild meeting so members can see where I am at.

    Well done, as always!


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