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Racing to the Deadline

I haven’t been posting much.  I’ve been very busy in my spare time, trying to get this quilt finished in time to enter it into the Circle Lord challenge.  (You can read about that on the special blog they have set up for it, by clicking the link.)  I may not make it, but I’m having fun using my Circle Lord, and becoming more familiar with it.  It was just the push I needed to get it out and start using it.  It’s a wonderful tool.  I’ve been using the basic unit, and the Aztec and mini-Aztec templates, on this quilt.  We had a blizzard this week, which afforded me some extra time at home, since noon Thursday, and I have made some good progress, but I still have a long way to the finish.

Speaking of blizzard, they said we got approximately 10″ of snow, maybe a bit more in places.  Here are some pics I snapped at my house.  This is the view looking out of my front door Thursday evening.

The tops of my lawn chairs sticking up from the drift.

The view from the front of my house, the next morning.

Love this tree in the backyard.

Would you just hurry and fill the bird feeder, please?

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed our brief visit!

15 thoughts on “Racing to the Deadline

  1. Gorgeous quilt Randi. We got part of that blizzard, 12 inches of I wish it were gone, snow. I hate slipping and sliding to work. I do hope you make the deadline cause that red border is drop dead gorgeous.


  2. Your quilt is soo pretty…..I’ve been investigating the Circle Lord….wish it wasnt’ so pricey. Don’t you just love your A-1? I bought mine just under a year ago and its really helped me become a better longarm quilter.


  3. Randi, the quilt is lovely! I hope you get it done in time to be a part of the challenge.

    The snow photos are beautiful! We do not have cardinals here so it is a treat to see a photo of one, especially with the snowy branches as a backdrop. The tree is stunning, all wrapped in snow.

    I’ve deactivated my FB account for awhile so I guess I’ve disappeared off of there (I did not know what would happen when I deactivated it, so shouldn’t be surprised that I don’t ‘exist’ there any longer–grin). Life has handed us some surprises in the past week or so and when that happens, I make like a turtle, LOL…..pulling back into my shell until I remember to just rely on God to take care of everything. 🙂 I feel so foolish when I realize–no retreating into my shell is needed, all I have to do is turn everything to Him. When will I learn?

    My best to you! I love your quilting and your kind, gentle spirit.



  4. I want one! Had no idea you could do such beautiful things with a Circle Lord! Beautiful job, sorry you got snowed in but at least you didn’t lose power and you could play in your studio! Good luck in the contest!


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