longarm quilting

Poll Decision

I went with the feathers.  This quilt is going to take me forever….I’m real happy with some of what I’m doing…not so much with some.  But, once again, I’m trying new things and learning along the way.  And that’s a good thing!

Yes, there is a line of stitching missing in the piano keys…thread malfunction…had to pick it out.

18 thoughts on “Poll Decision

  1. I LOVE that border!! Glad you have made a decision..now it will go so quickly…well, ok, quicker than before you decided! LOL


  2. Randi, it is looking wonderful! I love the addition of the feathers in the kite shapes on the sun. That really makes that motif! And your border is FAB!!! I can’t wait to see it all done – it is going to be stunning!!


  3. Whoa! I really like what you’ve done with the sun, Randi. Very ornate and beautifully quilted. I didn’t see the missing piano key because I was too busy looking at the wonderful swags in the border. You’ve done some fabulous design work. I can hardly wait to see the entire quilt finished.


  4. Yep love it.
    Got one of mine beautifully done…although edge to edge rather than custom……I was making it for a customer but draw the line when it comes to quilting.


  5. WOW!!! I did not see that coming with the original pictures!!! VERY gorgeous!!! Keep it up…you sure have impressed me so far!!!


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