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What is happening to my hair?

My hair has been straight, all my life.  Til lately, I’ve been noticing a bit more wave to it.  So today, I decided to try to go with it.  I put some curl booster spray on it and scrunched it, while I was drying it.  I usually can’t get it to have this much wave if I use rollers…weird…

See my new header? That is my neighbor’s pine tree.  It is right on the edge of his yard, by ours.  There are actually two of them.  I hope they never cut them down.  They were so beautiful today, with all the frost on them.

Tonight is the end of my little “stay-cation”.  It’s back to work time. I’d love to have one more week to stay home and quilt.  It’s been a nice break, but not the best vacation, as I had a couple of bad headaches, that lasted two days each.  And, I’ve just been really achy.  More so than usual.  Not just in my shoulder, but my spine, my right arm, my feet, my hips, across both shoulders.  Really achy.  My bones are not happy for some reason.  Maybe just the weather.

I did make four more pillowcases yesterday. This time, I did not add the trim, as I realized how much pressing the trim needed after I washed it.  Since these are donation cases for pediatric cancer patients, I would think less ironing would be more desirable.

I have one border to add to the Oklahoma Backroads quilt I am making for Mom.  I also made the backing for my remaining 9P & stripe quilt, and need to finalize a quilting plan in my mind.  I’m trying very hard not to start anything new just yet, and get some thing finished.  I would like a longer finished list in 2010 than I had in 2009.

Hope you have a great week and find time to do something you love!