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How about a little video? With stash report at the end.

I know I have really been neglecting my little blog, as of late.  I have been skipping out on the weekly stash reporting, as well.  I was going to have quilting content this weekend, and then I came down with a migraine , that just would not stop, on Friday.  I felt badly all through the weekend, and am still suffering some after effects.  I did manage to make y’all a short little video of me quilting one of the feathers, from the Georgian feather stencil I am using on my 9P & stripe quilt, which is a big stash project.  I love to watch other people’s quilting videos and see how their quilting might differ from mine, or what similarities we have, or just learn from a different approach.  So, I hope you enjoy my little video.  And remember, it’s just the way I happen to be quilting this particular stencil.  It is certainly not the only way.  And cut me a little slack, as I really wasn’t feeling very well when I was filming it.

Quilting Georgian Feather Stencil:

Since the last time I did do a stash report, I have not had any new fabric in, and no new fabric out.  I did, however, manage to finish that row of feathers, and that completed all the quilting on my kingsize 9P & stripe!  Yay!  I do still have to bury some thread tails.  I got tired of that before it was done, and went back to back-tacking…lol.  I will get some pics of it all finished up on here before too much longer, and will answer all the questions of what stencils, how I marked, what rulers, etc.  After I’m feeling better.

23 thoughts on “How about a little video? With stash report at the end.

  1. Beautiful job of backtracking, Randi…. especially so when you’re still recovering from a nasty migraine. The quilt is coming along nicely; it will be fun to see the entire project finished. The Georgia Feather gives it a whole ‘nother feel.
    Thanks for taking the time to post. Love those videos!


  2. Great video!!! Are you using a blue chalk blend? How do you get it out??? I’ve always been afraid of using it, even on my own quilts.

    Yes, Kim…I am using the blue pounce chalk. So far, when I’ve used it, I’ve been able to brush or vacuum it off, with a handheld vacuum. And the stubborn spots, I’ve used a bit a Sew Clean. Learned that from Pam Clarke’s dvd’s. I’ll be washing this quilt, and will let y’all know if it doesn’t come out like it is supposed to do.


  3. That was interesting! You do the backtracks a lot more slowly than I do. Though, I suppose you get less bobbles if you slow down, VBG.

    Mounting it on the handlebar was a good idea, and I don’t think you sound anything like me. LOL

    I started doing my backtracks very slowly like that, after watching Renae Haddadin’s dvd with her Amazing Rays. I set my cruise speed somewhere between 2 & 3 for those kind of feathers, and I found that it really works a lot better for me.


  4. Thanks for the video. I have so much to learn. I’m in Suzanne’s feather class, and it was good to see someone else’s technique, too.


  5. Thanks Rani, I’m doing Suzanne’s bootcamp class at the moment, so it was great to watch how you backtracked on the plumes. What position do you find best on the A1 handles for feathering? At one stage I was using my micro handles, then the bar across the main handles (in front of the lights). Still not found the sweet spot yet. I will slow right down to your speed from now. Thanks again.


  6. I am so happy to hear your voice. Your accent sounded exactly like I thought it would, but your voice is much softer than I expected. Now where do we come up with such pre-conceived notions of each other online??? lol



  7. Thank you for posting the video! I’m in the Feather Class at MQR and am still haveing trouble getting the motion down right. The video helped a lot! Thanks again, Randi!


  8. Very cool to watch you stitch Randi! My first question (which got answered above) was your cruise speed. I tend to set mine slower but then have to watch for those long stitches as I start up the feather. I’m going to try it a little faster, thanks for the demo!


  9. Loved your video, Randi. Thanks for sharing. My goal in life is to be able to backtrack as accurately as you did! Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.


  10. Thanks, Randi, for sharing your expertise. You made it look easy. Looking forward to seeing the completed quilt. Hope you continue to feel better…Kathy


  11. Wow, I sure did like watching the video. It was nice to see somebody make smooth looking feathers. Your “bobbles” must be a thread off…mine are 1/4″ bobbles. LOL. I have been on a longarm all of 3 weeks and have tons of videos. I have enjoyed it. You guys would have laugh till your sides hurt if you saw mine! I don’t have a migraine either…just lousy newbie lack-a-control!
    Thanks very much for sharing. Denby in Ohio


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